Thoughts from The Collection

Final floor design change for the year!

What an exciting year it has been!

If you've been following us on our design side (maybe you found us in then you're aware of all the great things that have been happening with the new retail store this year. A huge selection of Wall Play, Custom Sofas & Sectionals, and Unique Accessories. So many new companies we have brought into The Collection this year, and although they all may not be available on the floor everyday, we guarantee if you work with us you're sure to source the best pieces for your home and you will at least know their quality from the pieces we do showcase. And many very local to the area. 


We have also introduced a few furniture pieces for our own line available in custom styles & finishes, specifically a new bar cabinet and buffet console. But as much as we love the pieces we've designed and the vendors we've invited to showcase their craftsmanship this year, we're ready for some new styles. With that being said, be sure to find your way into the store for some serious year-end-deals... We do like to make some room once a year because there are so many pieces we know our design clientele would love to touch, try and feel in person, but only so much floorspace. Hey that's the life of a boutique store. And besides we know our clientele are typically outfitting an entire room, so our pieces are very competitively priced.


So stop in for a unique look at our newest takes on interior design spaces for Orange County!

Thanks again to all our newest friends here in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach!


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